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Hello, and other first-post goodness.

Hi!  Eren here.  I suppose I should start with introducing myself. I’m a married, transgender, bi (but distinctly lesbian leaning) 30-something caffeine addict.  I’d like to say I’m [..]

Author’s Update

Hi! Eren here. So, one of the things I wanted to do with the site this time around was post a little bit more… not about myself, necessarily, [..]

Another Update

Today has been cold and dreary. :/  This was worsened by my lack of sweaters, and improved by copious consumption of hot tea. I did get a lot [..]

3rd Update… I need a better way to title these.

Hi there, Eren here. Ever have one of those days where you want to dress up all fancy and formal just for the heck of it?  I had [..]

R.Oct 17.2013

Hi!  Eren here. Today was not very productive. :/  I didn’t write anything new, but I did do a few sketches, try to relax a little, and pre-posted [..]

Sun.Oct 21.2013

Hi!  Eren here. So, it hasn’t been a productive weekend. :/  But I did get Monday’s post pre-posted.  I’ve got a few weeks worth of Midnight Moonlight already [..]

T.Oct 22.2013

Hi there, Eren here! So, I wrote…a little. :/  About a page and a half, today.  I have been exhausted, and trying not to do all of my [..]

F.Oct 25.2013

Hi.  Eren here. So, where to start? …I am exhausted. >.> That’s been the theme for the past few weeks, and it’s led me to the conclusion that [..]

Sat.Nov 2.2013

Hi!  Eren here.  So, I disappeared for a week back there, and I’m sorry.  I was extra busy for the past few weeks, and I overcompensated by staying [..]

Sun.Dec 01.2013

Hi.  Eren here. So, I disappeared for about a month.  A month that I wanted to spend getting New Year’s Night finished.  Unfortunately, my Nanowrimo goal failed.  I [..]

F.Jan 03.2014

Hi.  Eren here.  Feeling a bit frazzled.  Crazy headache today, been feeling a little nauseous off and on.  But I determined to at least do something for the site, [..]

Sun.Jan 12.2014

Hi!  Eren here.  Still tired: blah, blah, blah.   If you’ve read any of these posts or chatted with me lately, you know that’s par for the course [..]

W.Jan 22.2014

Hi!  Eren here.  So, I did a little bit of updating today.  Basically, just adding some illustrations that had been drawn and scanned but not uploaded yet.  Anywho, [..]

Sat.Jan 25.2014 – adjusting update schedules

Good morning.  Eren here. I didn’t sleep terribly well last night, but don’t let the picture fool you – I’m actually feeling pretty awake.  I sketched that when [..]

Wed.Apr 09.2014 – back-ish almost.

Soooooo…  Yeah.  Alright.  I was getting wayyy to busy with my day job.  On the other hand, my new medication is definately working!  I also got wrapped up [..]

Sun.Apr 20.2014 – New chapter going up next week.

Woo-hoo!  So, I finished typing book 1 this weekend.  I’ve sent it on to the people who are helping me proofread it.  Once I get it back from [..]


Blegh. So, I’m running into a bit of a financial crunch. (My wife’s post grad loan payments finally started up, and they hit a bit harder than expected.) [..]

Midnight Moonlight, Book 3 is nearing it’s end…

But don’t worry, the story *will* continue into book 4. 😉 I just finished writing the last chapter of Book 3, though, and was kind of amazed.  It [..]

Most recent updates

Hi everyone! Well, book 3 is complete.  On to book 4! I had a plan for how I wanted book 4 to go, but ultimately wasn’t satisfied with [..]

Some site updates

Hello again.  Your friendly authoress here. I was asked to sit up for a while tonight, and ended up getting waaaay too distracted doing site updates.  The long [..]

Nov. 9, 2015

Writing Update 11/09/2015 Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59: 854 words (+485) Day’s Total: +485 words. Eren’s Notes: Not a lot of writing today, but I’m nearly halfway through [..]

Nov. 10, 2015: Last Chapter of Midnight Moonlight, Book 4!

Writing Update 11/10/2015 Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59: 854 words; scrapped (+0)   Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59, draft 2: 24 words; scrapped (+24)   Midnight Moonlight 4, [..]

Nov. 11, 2015

Writing Update 11/11/2015 Midnight Moonlight 5, Chapter 0 (Hans): 1097 words (+1097) Day’s Total: +1097 words. Eren’s Notes: Long day.  Not much to say.

Nov. 12, 2015

Writing Update 11/12/2015 Midnight Moonlight 5, Chapter 0 (Hans): 2881 words (+1784) Day’s Total: +1784 words. Eren’s Notes: I had a kind of rough day.   The pressure dropped [..]

Nov. 13, 2015: Friday Update

Writing Update   Midnight Moonlight Book 5, Chapter 1: 1,007 (+1,007)   Day’s Total:1,007   Week’s Total: 9,856 Vote Incentives:   Midnight Moonlight Rank: 20 :/   Et [..]

Writing Update 12/08/2015

Writing Updates: Midnight Moonlight; Book 5, Chapter 6: 2,089 words (+1,089 new) Midnight Moonlight; Book 5, Chapter 7: 2,660 words (+2,660 new) Midnight Moonlight; Book 5, Chapter 8: [..]

Writing Update 12/09/2015

Writing Updates: Midnight Moonlight; Book 5, Chapter 8: 2,318 words (+2,281 new) Today’s Total: + 2,281 words. Eren’s Notes: It has been another emotionally intense day, but good. [..]

I have a doctor’s appointment in an hour….

…and I’m really anxious.  This is the only one to have given me anything that has helped with the tumor’s effect of exhausting me.  I’ve also necer interacted [..]