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Sat.Jan 25.2014 – adjusting update schedules

Good morning.  Eren here. I didn’t sleep terribly well last night, but don’t let the picture fool you – I’m actually feeling pretty awake.  I sketched that when [..]

Wed.Apr 09.2014 – back-ish almost.

Soooooo…  Yeah.  Alright.  I was getting wayyy to busy with my day job.  On the other hand, my new medication is definately working!  I also got wrapped up [..]

Sun.June 08.2014-Book 1 done!

Hi! Eren here. Wow, so I’m pretty excited:  Yesterday I put book 1 of Midnight Moonlight up for sale on Smashwords.  That’s the first time I’ve published something [..]

Domain name transfer; broken subdomains.

Hello!  So, it looks like the domain name transfer went through sometime last night.  Unfortunately, although the main site has transfered properly, it looks like all of my [..]

Some site updates

Hello again.  Your friendly authoress here. I was asked to sit up for a while tonight, and ended up getting waaaay too distracted doing site updates.  The long [..]