Nov. 11, 2015

Writing Update 11/11/2015

  • Midnight Moonlight 5, Chapter 0 (Hans): 1097 words (+1097)

Day’s Total: +1097 words.

Eren’s Notes:

Long day.  Not much to say.

Author's Notes

Nov. 10, 2015: Last Chapter of Midnight Moonlight, Book 4!

Writing Update 11/10/2015

    • Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59: 854 words; scrapped (+0)


    • Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59, draft 2: 24 words; scrapped (+24)


    • Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59, draft 3: 2860 words (+2860)

    Day’s Total: +2884 words.

    Eren’s Notes:
    Whoosh.  Well, chapter 59 concludes Book 4 of Midnight Moonlight.  I had thought I would use a side-character chapter as the end cap, as a sort of teaser for the next major story arc, but ultimately decided that just didn’t work well in the resolution chapters of this book.  However, I probably will start off with a side character chapter to kick off book 5 — I think the Daniel intro chapter to book 4 worked really well in setting the tone and setting him up as one of (if not the) primary side-plot-threads for the book.

    I’d like to thank everyone who’s been with me through all of this so far  It’s been a crazy run to this point, heh — and these last couple of months in particular (what with being forced to adjust my writing schedule and all the madness that was going on in my offline support network) has just been insane.  I’m still feeling some of that, but I think I’ve recovered enough to start off Book 6 with a return to the 3 per week update schedule.  So, fingers crossed: here’s hoping I can get back on that track, because I was a lot happier when I was. 🙂

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    Nov. 9, 2015

    Writing Update 11/09/2015

    • Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59: 854 words (+485)

    Day’s Total: +485 words.

    Eren’s Notes:

    Not a lot of writing today, but I’m nearly halfway through Wednesday’s chapter with another day before due day, so I’m not too vexed by that.

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    Nov. 8, 2015

    Writing Update 11/08/2015

    • Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 58: 2231 words (+2231)
    • Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59: 369 words (+369)

    Day’s Total: +2600 words.

    Eren’s Notes:

    Hi everyone!  So, I want to try and keep myself a little more accountable for regular updates, and hopefully updates being scheduled in advance, rather than late the afternoon that they’re due.  Today I worked mostly on MM4, Chapter 58 — which is pre-scheduled for tomorrow.  I also got a small start on Chapter 59.  When I started writing for next week I ended up shifting my original outlines around a little, so we should have 3 chapters remaining (including chapter 58) for book 4.  Chapter 58 is an Abby chapter; 59 will be a side character chapter, and chapter 60 will be another Abby chapter for the final wrap up before Book 5.

    As always, enjoy!

    Writing Update

    Writing Update

    Writing Update 11/02/2015

    • MM4, Chapter 56: 443 words (+443)

    Day’s Total: +443 words.

    Still exhausted from last weekends trip and trying to get my sleep schedule fixed again. On the plus side: just a few resolution chapters to go and it’ll be time for Book 5!

    Writing Update

    Some site updates

    Hello again.  Your friendly authoress here.

    I was asked to sit up for a while tonight, and ended up getting waaaay too distracted doing site updates.  The long and the short of it is that the stories should have a somewhat more friendly archive layout!  I took the archive listing out of the sidebar for Midnight Moonlight and moved it up into the top menu.  Each archive page now consists of a link to each individual chapter in a given book, along with a brief excerpt from the beginning of that chapter.  The listing will start from the first chapter and go forward to the last — rather than the default wordpress system of ‘newest posts on top’ that would try to put the last chapter at the top and then count backwards to the first.  Even better, they’re all on one page (like a real table of contents!) — and the best part is, the archive pages are generated and updated automatically by word press now that I’ve updated their template file.  All I have to do is include the appropriate category tag on any given new chapter, and it’ll show up in the archives listings.

    Hopefully that should make it a lot easier for anyone who only pops on every once in a while to find where they left off in the archive.

    I’m kind of tempted to go through and give tags this same update, and then go through and tag all of the characters in each chapter.  I think it would be kinda neat to be able to rapidly look up all the chapters that a given character shows up in — and if nothing else, it would be darn useful for me sometimes, haha.

    Anyway, I guess that’s all for tonight — oh, wait: I also hid the voting incentives behind a collapsible bit, to further reduce the amount of sidebar clutter.  Now that’s all.

    Not that it’s anything really extraordinary, but still:  I had fun, anyway. XD

    Thanks, and take care everyone.  I really need to go to bed now.


    Sweet dreams!

    Announcements, Author's Notes

    Most recent updates

    Hi everyone!

    Well, book 3 is complete.  On to book 4!

    I had a plan for how I wanted book 4 to go, but ultimately wasn’t satisfied with the chapters I’d written in advance.  So I scrapped them (most of them, a few bits were saved) and am reworking them as I go.  I’m still going forward with the overarching plot I’d decided on, but the opening scenes are a little different than my first drafts.

    Weeeeell, that might make next week a little bit more of a crunch job. >.>  Come Friday this week I’ll be going on a trip with my wife, mother in law, and grandmother in law.  Hopefully I’ll get a lot of time to write since I’ll have my tablet with me — but I don’t know how reliably I’ll have internet access.



    My goal is to get all of next week’s chapters into the buffer before then, just to be safe.

    I’m also trying to get books 2 and 3 converted to eBooks, but I might put that off until after the trip.  I did go through and re-read books 1 and 2.  I found a bunch of edits in book 1 that I had made on my local copy but hadn’t been pushed to the blog, and a handful more typos in book 2.  I just finished fixing all of those in the blog, so: yay.  I’m going to try to convert book 3 into an eBook ‘rough draft’ just so I can do a full read through of it as well and hopefully catch any remaining typos.

    So, yeah.

    This week’s goal? 5 new chapters and converting book 3 to an eBook I can edit on my trip.

    Next week: 3 new chapters (so they’ll be ready for the week I get back) and re-read book 3 for edits.

    And after that: writing as normal, and turning books 2 and 3 into eBooks for Amazon and Smashwords.

    Wish me luck!

    Thanks, and be safe, happy and well. 🙂

    Author's Notes

    Midnight Moonlight, Book 3 is nearing it’s end…

    But don’t worry, the story *will* continue into book 4. 😉

    I just finished writing the last chapter of Book 3, though, and was kind of amazed.  It seems like this one has gone a lot faster than the others — but if my mental math is right, they’re all about the same length.  There will only be 40 chapters in Book 3 (so there’s 4 more as of today) but they are, on average, about 500-1000 words longer than the chapters in books 1 and 2.

    Anyway, I’m pretty excited… except now I’m at a loss as to what to do!  Do I dive straight into book 4?  Take a week off and try to get Book 3 cleaned up as an eBook?  But I still have to get Book 2 converted!  And, really, I should do another cleanup pass on Book 1.  I’m pretty sure it has fewer typos than the blog does, but I’ve learned a bit since I published it, and I could definately provide better cover art and more consistent formatting.

    Ultimately, I think I’ll take at least the end of Book 3’s last week to get a bit of a buffer built up on Book 4, or maybe just to recharge a little.  Book 3 will be wrapping up next Monday, so Wednesday I think I will be putting up a ‘Wow!  It’s the end of the third book already!  If you’re enjoying this series, please conscider posting a review on The Webfiction Guide.’ post.  Friday?  Maybe cover art for Book 4?  I have a better idea of how I’m going to do the covers — I’m going to make them in the same style as the banner, with different shots of the city skyline, different placements of the moon, and “Midnight Moonlight, Book WhateverNumber” in bold at the top.  That’ll make them visually consistent on Amazon and Smashwords, make their order in the story obvious to new readers, and make them pretty darn easy to put together quickly.

    I feel like I should work on those today, since this is the last full day off I’m anticipaating having in a while, but I also feel like it’s going to have to be a nap and recharge day.

    Ah well, we’ll see.  Mostly I just felt like shouting something to the world, because I’ve finished another book!  Huzzah!

    Author's Notes, Writing Update

    Domain name transfer; broken subdomains.

    Hello!  So, it looks like the domain name transfer went through sometime last night.  Unfortunately, although the main site has transfered properly, it looks like all of my subdomains (ie: the stories) are invalid addresses now.  :/  So, I’ve contacted the new site host and it’s being looked into.  If I had to guess, I’d figure there’s something in the wordpress multisite database that contains address information that needs to be updated with the location of my sites in the new host’s file tree… but that’s just a guess.  I’m sorry that this is interrupting updates, and hopefully we can get it resolved soon.

    Worst case scenario:  If we can’t get this fixed over the weekend (and we may not – I’ll be out of town again) I’ll rebuild the story blogs using my archived backups and update the links to their new locations when I’m back on Tuesday.

    Again, I’m sorry for this interruption in the story updates.  Please bear with me, and thank you.



    Blegh. So, I’m running into a bit of a financial crunch. (My wife’s post grad loan payments finally started up, and they hit a bit harder than expected.) Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot that I can cut out of my extraneous expenses other than this site, which I’m loathe to do. I was looking at just switching to a free word press site, but my wife convinced me that this was an important enough part of my life that I should maintain it as close to ‘as is’ as I could. (Actually, she pretty much insisted I keep the site privately hosted so I could keep it to my spec – add free, and part of a multisite system I rigged up in the interest of eventually expanding with other stories.) ~_~ As a result, I’m opting to switch to a cheaper hosting service.

    I haven’t done so yet, but I’m laying down the groundwork. I’m hoping that I can get the whole site transferred over to the new hosting and then get my domain transferred so that everything is already in place and none of the links you’ve been using (or that the web fiction guide and other sources reference) break.

    Anyway, I should get to work on setting up the new sites on Thursday, and I want to get the transfer done over this weekend.

    I’ll keep posting updates here up until the actual transfer takes place… at which point, hopefully there won’t be a change in the urls, there won’t be a need for new updates, and no one will notice that anything changed at all, heh.

    Egh. Sorry. It’s kind of depressing to think about: just as I got the site up on the web fiction guide and start getting readers, this happens! Ah well. That’s enough of me grumping about it. Keep reading, and I’ll keep you posted.


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