About The Author

AboutErenHi!  Eren here.  I’m a married, transgender, bi (but distinctly lesbian leaning) 30-something caffeine addict.  I’d like to say I’m a full-time housewife and professional author, but the fact is that I’m currently a part-time housewife, amateur writer, and professional cubical occupant.

This blog and the stories attached to it are my attempt to turn some of that around and achieve some of my dreams.  Specifically, I’d like to become a professional write-from-home author and housewife, and never have to dwell in a cubical again.

I enjoy adventures, comedies, non-traditional romances, interwoven story arcs, most sorts of kinky goodness and juxtaposing the bizarre and larger than life with the daily and mundane… so those are the sorts of stories I’ll be trying to tell.  (Although honesty behooves me to admit that I am a shy girl, and the amount of explicit eroticism you’ll find in my work will depend entirely on how much the story demands and how fiercely embarrassed I become while writing it!)

Thank you for joining me on my journeys of imagination.

— Eren Reverie

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