I have a doctor’s appointment in an hour….

…and I’m really anxious.  This is the only one to have given me anything that has helped with the tumor’s effect of exhausting me.  I’ve also necer interacted with their office without being misgendered, forced to give my deadname, and generally treated as subhuman.  I was actually referred to, to my face, as “an interesting case study” by the doctor in question.  Who always corrects herself after misgendering me in my presence, but also never gets my pronouns right the first time, either.  On the one hand, it is incredibly demoralizing to see this office.  On the other hand… not being exhausted 24/7 is pretty vital to my quality of life.

I hope I can get her to just verify the current treatment at the current dose is working so I can transfer the prescription to my regular doctor’s office.

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