Writing Update 01/13/2016

Writing Update 01/13/2016

Writing Updates:

Midnight Moonlight; Book 5, Chapter 20: Completed.
Midnight Moonlight; Book 5, Chapter 21: Completed.
Midnight Moonlight; Book 5, Chapter 22: Started.

Eren’s Notes:

Rather than putzing around with tracking word totals, I’m going to try something a little different and just keep track of chapters that are in progress or were completed on a given day. It’s a little easier on me, anyway, which makes it more likely that I’ll actually do these posts.

I’ve set myself a writing schedule… It’s pretty ambitious, so I’m a little leery of the potential for beating myself up if it turns out to be too ambitious, heh. On the other hand? I think it would be pretty awesome to make some serious progress with my writing. I’m hoping to be getting enough done to keep up with Midinght Moonlight, Et Alia (up to the end of book 2), and make a decent start on a purely ‘for sale’ series.

I kind of hate the thought of doing a purely ‘for sale’ series… but at the same time, I need to do something to start building up my income from writing or I’m never going to be able to break my dependency on my current day job, you know? Anyway, that’s the plan in a nutshell, for now.

Writing Update

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