Nov. 10, 2015: Last Chapter of Midnight Moonlight, Book 4!

Writing Update 11/10/2015

    • Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59: 854 words; scrapped (+0)


    • Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59, draft 2: 24 words; scrapped (+24)


    • Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59, draft 3: 2860 words (+2860)

    Day’s Total: +2884 words.

    Eren’s Notes:
    Whoosh.  Well, chapter 59 concludes Book 4 of Midnight Moonlight.  I had thought I would use a side-character chapter as the end cap, as a sort of teaser for the next major story arc, but ultimately decided that just didn’t work well in the resolution chapters of this book.  However, I probably will start off with a side character chapter to kick off book 5 — I think the Daniel intro chapter to book 4 worked really well in setting the tone and setting him up as one of (if not the) primary side-plot-threads for the book.

    I’d like to thank everyone who’s been with me through all of this so far  It’s been a crazy run to this point, heh — and these last couple of months in particular (what with being forced to adjust my writing schedule and all the madness that was going on in my offline support network) has just been insane.  I’m still feeling some of that, but I think I’ve recovered enough to start off Book 6 with a return to the 3 per week update schedule.  So, fingers crossed: here’s hoping I can get back on that track, because I was a lot happier when I was. 🙂

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