Nov. 8, 2015

Writing Update 11/08/2015

  • Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 58: 2231 words (+2231)
  • Midnight Moonlight 4, Chapter 59: 369 words (+369)

Day’s Total: +2600 words.

Eren’s Notes:

Hi everyone!  So, I want to try and keep myself a little more accountable for regular updates, and hopefully updates being scheduled in advance, rather than late the afternoon that they’re due.  Today I worked mostly on MM4, Chapter 58 — which is pre-scheduled for tomorrow.  I also got a small start on Chapter 59.  When I started writing for next week I ended up shifting my original outlines around a little, so we should have 3 chapters remaining (including chapter 58) for book 4.  Chapter 58 is an Abby chapter; 59 will be a side character chapter, and chapter 60 will be another Abby chapter for the final wrap up before Book 5.

As always, enjoy!

Writing Update

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