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Hi everyone!

Well, book 3 is complete.  On to book 4!

I had a plan for how I wanted book 4 to go, but ultimately wasn’t satisfied with the chapters I’d written in advance.  So I scrapped them (most of them, a few bits were saved) and am reworking them as I go.  I’m still going forward with the overarching plot I’d decided on, but the opening scenes are a little different than my first drafts.

Weeeeell, that might make next week a little bit more of a crunch job. >.>  Come Friday this week I’ll be going on a trip with my wife, mother in law, and grandmother in law.  Hopefully I’ll get a lot of time to write since I’ll have my tablet with me — but I don’t know how reliably I’ll have internet access.



My goal is to get all of next week’s chapters into the buffer before then, just to be safe.

I’m also trying to get books 2 and 3 converted to eBooks, but I might put that off until after the trip.  I did go through and re-read books 1 and 2.  I found a bunch of edits in book 1 that I had made on my local copy but hadn’t been pushed to the blog, and a handful more typos in book 2.  I just finished fixing all of those in the blog, so: yay.  I’m going to try to convert book 3 into an eBook ‘rough draft’ just so I can do a full read through of it as well and hopefully catch any remaining typos.

So, yeah.

This week’s goal? 5 new chapters and converting book 3 to an eBook I can edit on my trip.

Next week: 3 new chapters (so they’ll be ready for the week I get back) and re-read book 3 for edits.

And after that: writing as normal, and turning books 2 and 3 into eBooks for Amazon and Smashwords.

Wish me luck!

Thanks, and be safe, happy and well. 🙂

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