Midnight Moonlight, Book 3 is nearing it’s end…

But don’t worry, the story *will* continue into book 4. 😉

I just finished writing the last chapter of Book 3, though, and was kind of amazed.  It seems like this one has gone a lot faster than the others — but if my mental math is right, they’re all about the same length.  There will only be 40 chapters in Book 3 (so there’s 4 more as of today) but they are, on average, about 500-1000 words longer than the chapters in books 1 and 2.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited… except now I’m at a loss as to what to do!  Do I dive straight into book 4?  Take a week off and try to get Book 3 cleaned up as an eBook?  But I still have to get Book 2 converted!  And, really, I should do another cleanup pass on Book 1.  I’m pretty sure it has fewer typos than the blog does, but I’ve learned a bit since I published it, and I could definately provide better cover art and more consistent formatting.

Ultimately, I think I’ll take at least the end of Book 3’s last week to get a bit of a buffer built up on Book 4, or maybe just to recharge a little.  Book 3 will be wrapping up next Monday, so Wednesday I think I will be putting up a ‘Wow!  It’s the end of the third book already!  If you’re enjoying this series, please conscider posting a review on The Webfiction Guide.’ post.  Friday?  Maybe cover art for Book 4?  I have a better idea of how I’m going to do the covers — I’m going to make them in the same style as the banner, with different shots of the city skyline, different placements of the moon, and “Midnight Moonlight, Book WhateverNumber” in bold at the top.  That’ll make them visually consistent on Amazon and Smashwords, make their order in the story obvious to new readers, and make them pretty darn easy to put together quickly.

I feel like I should work on those today, since this is the last full day off I’m anticipaating having in a while, but I also feel like it’s going to have to be a nap and recharge day.

Ah well, we’ll see.  Mostly I just felt like shouting something to the world, because I’ve finished another book!  Huzzah!

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