Domain name transfer; broken subdomains.

Hello!  So, it looks like the domain name transfer went through sometime last night.  Unfortunately, although the main site has transfered properly, it looks like all of my subdomains (ie: the stories) are invalid addresses now.  :/  So, I’ve contacted the new site host and it’s being looked into.  If I had to guess, I’d figure there’s something in the wordpress multisite database that contains address information that needs to be updated with the location of my sites in the new host’s file tree… but that’s just a guess.  I’m sorry that this is interrupting updates, and hopefully we can get it resolved soon.

Worst case scenario:  If we can’t get this fixed over the weekend (and we may not – I’ll be out of town again) I’ll rebuild the story blogs using my archived backups and update the links to their new locations when I’m back on Tuesday.

Again, I’m sorry for this interruption in the story updates.  Please bear with me, and thank you.


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