Blegh. So, I’m running into a bit of a financial crunch. (My wife’s post grad loan payments finally started up, and they hit a bit harder than expected.) Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot that I can cut out of my extraneous expenses other than this site, which I’m loathe to do. I was looking at just switching to a free word press site, but my wife convinced me that this was an important enough part of my life that I should maintain it as close to ‘as is’ as I could. (Actually, she pretty much insisted I keep the site privately hosted so I could keep it to my spec – add free, and part of a multisite system I rigged up in the interest of eventually expanding with other stories.) ~_~ As a result, I’m opting to switch to a cheaper hosting service.

I haven’t done so yet, but I’m laying down the groundwork. I’m hoping that I can get the whole site transferred over to the new hosting and then get my domain transferred so that everything is already in place and none of the links you’ve been using (or that the web fiction guide and other sources reference) break.

Anyway, I should get to work on setting up the new sites on Thursday, and I want to get the transfer done over this weekend.

I’ll keep posting updates here up until the actual transfer takes place… at which point, hopefully there won’t be a change in the urls, there won’t be a need for new updates, and no one will notice that anything changed at all, heh.

Egh. Sorry. It’s kind of depressing to think about: just as I got the site up on the web fiction guide and start getting readers, this happens! Ah well. That’s enough of me grumping about it. Keep reading, and I’ll keep you posted.


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