Writing Update for Sunday, November 02, 2014

Midnight Moonlight, Book 2:
71396 words typed so far (+13116).

Wow!  Big update. 🙂  Actually, it’s bigger than it looks – I was sick a couple weekends ago and did a lot of writing and typing that didn’t get logged by my usual script.  However, in the past few days I improved on the scripts significantly.  I took down book 1 and re-posted it with the new script.  The first script would take a completed book, chop it into chapters, and schedule them on the blog. The new one is even better though: not only does it let me do all my work in a single word file, but it will let me edit the word file and use it to update the posts without having to take down all the existing ones, like I did this time!  I know it doesn’t seem like much, but setting things up so that I only have to do my editing in a single file is a huge help to me.  I’ve even enabled comments on the blog chapters – now if anyone points out typos or rough spots in the narrative I can make quick edits in one spot and then send the updates to the blog, SmashWords and the Kindle Store almost with a single button.

Which actually brings me to the next bit of news in this post: Even though I haven’t finished it (I think I’m in the last ten chapters or so – there’s a little bit of flexibility depending on the pacing of the last few scenes) Book 2 is going to start publishing on the blog tomorrow. That’s what has me the most excited about the updated scripts: I can start publishing works that aren’t 100% completed, and the script can still handle scheduling the chapters and managing updates.

😀  So make sure to check out Midnight Moonlight Book 2 – after all, don’t you want to know what troubles Abby can possibly get into that will be worse than what she already has?  Book 2 focuses more on developing relationships, since book 1’s focus was mostly introducing the characters and basic premises, but it still has it’s exciting moments.  Oh, and just for a word of warning: it’s a bit more explicit than Book 1. 😉  Enjoy!

Writing Update

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