M.June 09.2014-Expanding the site


Hi!  Eren again.

I wan’t feeling great today (I even went home from work early) but I didn’t want to do nothing related to my book after having such a productive weekend, so after I slept for several hours I got online and added another sub-blog to the site.

This one is related to Python, my programming language of choice.  I thought I would go ahead and start publishing some of the scripts that I’d written for my own use or entertainment – starting with the one that I wrote this weekend to manage all of my post scheduling for book 1 of Midnight Moonlight.

I have a few other scripts that I use at home (the one that I use the most often is an ‘alarm’ that locks my computer whenever I stay up too late – and keeps locking it every 10 minutes after that until I give up and go to bed) and I’ll put those up eventually, too.  Someday I’d like to polish up some of them and convert them to applications for other people’s use (although you could use them as is, as long as you have python installed on your computer).

Anyway, that’s stuff for another day.  For now…  well, I have seven minutes before my computer starts locking me out, so I’m going to go ahead and go to bed early. 😉

Take care everybody!


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