Sun.Apr 20.2014 – New chapter going up next week.


Woo-hoo!  So, I finished typing book 1 this weekend.  I’ve sent it on to the people who are helping me proofread it.  Once I get it back from them, incorporate their corrections, and do another read-through of my own, I’ll post the entire thing as an ebook.  I’ll also go through and update my ‘rough draft’ posts to the edited ones.  And, going forward, I’m starting posts up again.  The next one is scheduled for Wednesday next week.

Here’s the break down for Book 1 of Midnight Moonlight, if you’re curious:

  • 153 pages, typed; 1.5 spacing.  Calibri font.
  • 95,862 words.
  • 48 chapters.

I’ve started handwriting the next book while I wait for the edits to get back.  I’m up to chapter 11 on that. ;D

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