Wed.Apr 09.2014 – back-ish almost.


Soooooo…  Yeah.  Alright.  I was getting wayyy to busy with my day job.  On the other hand, my new medication is definately working!  I also got wrapped up in writing Midnight Moonlight, rather than typing or posting.  Which basically means…

…Book 1 is done.

At least, the handwritten draft is.  I’m in a mad scramble to get it typed up.  But once I do, then I’ll do a batch upload of the whole darn thing, and that’ll put an end to these sporadic updates!

Maybe that’s just the way I should do it always, going forward: finish it, then post scheduled updates.  I don’t think I’m very good about keeping up with the ongoing ones.

Anyway, be safe and well.  And keep your eyes open: more chapters are coming soon.

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