Sun.Dec 01.2013

ErenBC_3Hi.  Eren here.

So, I disappeared for about a month.  A month that I wanted to spend getting New Year’s Night finished.  Unfortunately, my Nanowrimo goal failed.  I have my reasons (there’s always reasons!) but it doesn’t seem like going into them would be terribly productive. Long story short, I’ve been rather overworked and barely had time to spare for my writing.  What time I have had on the computer I’ve spent in more escapist pursuits, such as good old C:DDA.

That said, I haven’t been completely non-productive, and I really am trying to get my act back together.  I figure that eventually I’ll be back on a sane schedule and have time in the evenings again.  But until then, I took enough time out of the holiday to get some chapters posted to the queue for next week (Monday and Friday) and to do a progress report.  So, here’s where I’m at:

Midnight Moonlight (Book 1: New Year’s Night)
Sunday, December 01, 2013

  • Pages Written:  192 (+40 from last time)
  • Current Chapter: 15 (+1 from last time… the rest are out of order.)
  • Words Typed: 32,577 (+1,660 from last time)
  • Chapters Posted: 9 (+2 in Queue)
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