Sat.Nov 2.2013

Cataclysmic Eren... my glasses always break.Hi!  Eren here.  So, I disappeared for a week back there, and I’m sorry.  I was extra busy for the past few weeks, and I overcompensated by staying up too late for a while, which left me extra exhausted and unfit to do anything with my free time but play computer games.  Specifically, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.  (An awesome game, and probably my all time favorite.)  I finally gave in and set my computer to automatically shut down at nine. >.>  And that seems to be helping.  Today I went to a Nanowrimo write in, and even though I’m not really doing the Nanowrimo event – since I’ve already started book 1 – I am going to shoot for finishing book 1 by the end of the month.  Anyway, here’s today’s progress.

Midnight Moonlight, Book 1: (New Year’s Night)

Today’s Progress:

  • +3 “pages” written.
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