F.Oct 25.2013


Hi.  Eren here.

So, where to start?

…I am exhausted. >.>

That’s been the theme for the past few weeks, and it’s led me to the conclusion that 3 per week updates were, indeed, a bit overambitious.  So I’m scaling that back in hopes of making up some desperately needed sleep.

So, instead of M-W-F updates, I’m planning on switching to M—F updates.  I figure that will give me a full weekend to make sure I have Monday’s the way I want it, and the rest of the week to make sure I have Friday’s… which seems a lot more manageable.

I did write a little in the past couple of days, and typed up another chapter, so there has been some progress on that front.  I’ve not been completely lazy.  (In fact, I’ve not been lazy at all – there just aren’t enough hours in the day for everything I need to get done!)

Anyway, updates will resume on Monday.  I’m going to take the weekend to post my missing illustrations (after I make sure I have Monday’s done) and get more of the written-but-not-typed chapters typed.

And for now?


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