T.Oct 22.2013

Just me.

Hi there, Eren here!

So, I wrote…a little. :/  About a page and a half, today.  I have been exhausted, and trying not to do all of my writing on my lunch break (and, you know, actually eat lunch – which I notoriously forget to do) but that might be a mistake, because so far I am failing abysmally at securing a reliable time for writing at home.

I did pre-post tomorrow’s chapter, but I haven’t illustrated it.  (More shameface. :/ )  I know that’s not really important, but I do enjoy it.  Doodling is how I relax when I don’t have time to actually write.

Still, posts will continue.  I have about half of the book already written (in sequence) and maybe 1/5 of what’s left written out of sequence.  So I really just need to fill in the gaps!

Anyway, I thought maybe I should throw up some totals as long as I’m tracking all of this.  So, here goes:

Midnight Moonlight, Book 1: (New Year’s Night)

Today’s Progress:

  • +1 “page” written, out of sequence.
  • +1 chapter queued to post (sans illustrations).


  • Written “Pages:” 152
  • Written Chapters: 18 in sequence  (revisions needed on chapter 16), +4 out of sequence.
  • Typed Chapters: 14 finished, 7 posted, 1 in queue.
  • Typed Words: 30,917
  • Illustrations: 14 scanned.

I’ll try to keep running updates on that.  Frankly, I need to make sure I’m in the habit of posting here daily, too: it doesn’t do as much in terms of being a motivational reminder if I let it fall out of sight and mind.

Anyway, for now… yeah, it’s late.  But not as late as I have been staying up, so if I go to bed now it’ll be a bit of a win.

G’night, everyone!  Be well.

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