Sun.Oct 21.2013


Hi!  Eren here.

So, it hasn’t been a productive weekend. :/  But I did get Monday’s post pre-posted.  I’ve got a few weeks worth of Midnight Moonlight already written, so there’s not much risk of missing a post for now.  Perhaps an illustration, but I think we can all agree those are pretty superfluous.  :p I just like to doodle.

I meant to get quite a bit done, but I had a small adventure yesterday that left me rather out of sorts – I spent a few hours lost in the city.  I get lost easily, and it used to be one of the things that terrified me.  I was still a little shaky for a while after, but I’m glad I’m on anxiety medication now, or it would have been much, much worse.

In happier news, I did get to do some shopping, and had some very tasty frozen yogurt.  Apparently there are places that cater specifically to frozen yogurt. 😀  Who knew?  So now I have a nice dress, a few new skirts, and a lovely new place to go for treats.  Yum.

On a less yum note, ~_-  Apparently I am not as fond of the vanilla tea as I am the mint.  Sadness: I am very much a fan of vanilla ice cream and fro-yo.  Maybe if I used honey for the sweetener?  Well, perhaps I’ll develop a taste for it.  I’m looking forward to expanding my flavors of caffeine.  If anyone else has suggestions, let me know.

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