R.Oct 17.2013

Me in my jacket.  Curse this cold weather!

Hi!  Eren here.

Today was not very productive. :/  I didn’t write anything new, but I did do a few sketches, try to relax a little, and pre-posted my story for tomorrow, so that should go up around noon.

Unfortunately, I had an appointment after work that didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped, so there was a fairly significant amount of “blegh” going on through the evening, which led to my general lack-of-getting-stuff-done.

But hey, I did submit my story to http://muses-success.info/

It’s still pending, but if you’re looking for more web fiction, you might check them out.  I’m planning on doing a bit of that this weekend. 🙂

Anyway, it’s late and I’m sleepy.  G’night, everyone.  Be well.

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