Another Update


Today has been cold and dreary. :/  This was worsened by my lack of sweaters, and improved by copious consumption of hot tea.

I did get a lot of writing done: 6 pages of Midnight Moonlight, which finished off a chapter and gave me the prompts for some scenes that will be coming up.  So, woot!  I also fixed a glitch in my last posted chapter, where all of my paragraph tags had been removed.  I think I must have accidentally pasted that chapter into the source panel of live writer instead of the visual panel.  So, my fault there.

I thought that I might mention some of the other things I’ve done when I make these updates, to keep myself going for other things than my writing – like the housework, since I said that one of my goals was to be a full time housewife.  Sadly, I was rather lazy on that front today.  After getting home from work and getting my previous post fixed, I let the chores slide – other than running some laundry and making dinner. >.>  Maybe I’ll be better about getting things done tomorrow.

For now: bed.  Bed sounds splendid.  And maybe some tea, first.  I haven’t tried the Chamomile from my sampler pack… that’s supposed to be a relaxing one, right?  Well, I suppose we’ll find out.

Goodnight, everyone!

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